• Market Cap: $2,640,473,719,968.33
  • 24h Vol: $158,818,104,120.46
  • BTC Dominance: 50.20%


Live Market Index provides cryptocurrency, exchange and ICO market data, breaking news, live trade streams, as well historical crypto price charts.

Our data is sourced from an aggregated feed of over 150 crypto exchanges using 24 hour volume weighted averages giving you reliable and up-to-date traded rates. Our feed utilizes the following systems to remove irregular prices, giving you the cleanest prices available:

  • Volume weighted average

24 hour volumes are based entirely on transactional data. This provides the most liquid market prices as well as mitigating the price impact of illiquid (and therefore more volatile) markets.

  • Aggregation over trading currency

Takes direct trading pairs into consideration for calculation. For example XRP-USD only accepts trades from exchanges trading XRP-USD directly; therefore no conversion is required for the aggregated index calculation. The reason for this methodology is that a coin can trade on multiple currency markets with a significant price difference, therefore aggregating across all markets will result in an average price that is not useful for a trader who holds a crypto position in a certain currency and will most likely trade in that currency.

  • Outlier Detection

Outlier detection is utilized to exclude certain trades. An outlier is considered to be a significant deviation on a specific exchange relative to the previous tick average on the all previous exchanges. Handling this data is important as outlier data can have a sizable impact when calculating the values. There are a number of potential situations where this can occur;

  1. low liquidity instruments or exchanges
  2. erroneous data from exchange
  3. incorrect mappings between instruments

Market Cap, short for market capitalization, is the circulating supply of a cryptocurrency multiplied by its current price. This is an important metric, because it helps determine the rank of various cryptocurrencies by their relative sizes.

Live Market Index does not sell Cryptocurrency nor do we recommend or endorse any exchange(s).

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